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TruNorth Dynamics LLC is a group of Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) consultants passionate about the product. We feel that Dynamics GP has a bright future ahead of it, and we are here to assist you and your team.


Microsoft Dynamics GP is a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution tailored to small and midsize businesses. Dynamics GP gives you significantly greater control over financials, inventory, and operations through real-time visibility, performance-tracking analytics, and actionable insights.


Dynamics GP is a complete ERP system for small and medium businesses to help you increase margins, improve cash flow and drive business growth.

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At TruNorth Dynamics, we assist Dynamic GP clients in realizing what’s possible, setting priorities, designing a path to success, and delivering tangible results. Many of our experts have worked in specific sectors for years. They can apply their knowledge to help you optimize your Dynamics solution to enhance operations, empower staff, and engage customers.


Many of our clients have come from other Microsoft partners because they prefer TruNorth Dynamics’ connected, responsive, and accountable assistance. In addition, TruNorth Dynamics delivers the technical, functional, and industry experience you need throughout the Dynamics ERP and CRM solution portfolio as your company grows and changes.

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 4 Reasons Why Should you Modernize to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Financial Management

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  • Reduce unnecessary duties and manual entry.
  • Quickly build reports to get a 360-degree picture of your data.
  • Manage your cash, assets, budgeting, and banking with ease.
  • Create budgets that will assist you in making better business decisions.

Profitably expand your company

  • Keep track of production, returns, and vendors.
  • Ascertain that the appropriate inventory is available at the proper time.
  • Monitor supply levels and determine prices for individual customers.
  • Keep track of and update the accurate pricing of an item.
  • Purchase orders can be automatically generated.
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Take care of your employees

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  • Track top talent, personalize hiring processes and anticipate.
  • Reduce overhead costs by automating payroll processes and handling complex payroll obligations.
  • Allow employees to change their personal information and submit PTO requests.

Even more great reasons to choose Dynamics 365

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 scales with your organization and offers cloud-hosted and on-premise deployment choices and core functionality features while integrating with various additional applications.
  •  Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most widely used ERP systems, with over 47,000 users worldwide.
  •  Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the same appearance and feels like Microsoft Office. As a result, anyone can jump right in and start working.
  •  Inventory, orders, and returns are all tracked. Boost profits by ensuring the proper inventories are on hand at the right time to satisfy consumer demands.
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Helps Your People Work Better, Faster, and Smarter

Microsoft Dynamics 365’s Role Tailored experience reveals information and tasks relevant to individual job responsibilities. As a result, training time is replaced with an intuitive understanding that helps people work better, faster, and more innovative right from the start. Put the resources you need right at your fingertips and ensure that the solution works seamlessly with the Microsoft productivity tools you already know how to use.

Why choose TruNorth Dynamics as your Dynamics 365 Partner for ERP?

We Help Solve Business Problems

TruNorth Dynamics has worked with Microsoft Dynamics GP clients in the United States and Canada. By utilizing the power of Microsoft Dynamics GP, we advise and support innovative enterprises in improving their business processes, operational efficiency, and performance. Each project is driven by our idea that a good ERP or CRM is only as good as its data. Based on this concept, our TruNorth Dynamics team works to understand how your unique business works and the goals you are looking to accomplish.


Our success stems from our dedication to our customers, employees, and core principles of integrity, trust, and responsibility.

TruNorth Dynamics specializes in advisory and consulting services, implementations, integration, custom development, end-user support, and training to assist you in realizing your corporate vision and objectives. Microsoft Dynamics GP, CRM, Reporting, and custom development is part of our ERP solutions. Flexible deployment options (on-premise, SaaS, Cloud, etc.) are available and have an excellent connection with Microsoft Dynamics 365-for-CRM and Office 365.

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Streamline Operations

Automated tasks and workflows unify your business and boost efficiency with tools your team is familiar with from Microsoft.

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Data-Driven Decisions

Deliver real-time and data-driven business decisions by automatically reconciling accounts to close and report on financials quickly and accurately.

Accelerated growth

Increase Efficiency and Margins

Streamline your business by automatically integrating and storing data into one core business system, cutting costs
and reducing errors.

Still have questions?

At TruNorth Dynamics, we don’t provide software solutions, we help solve business problems.


Remove organizational silos with one comprehensive solution that runs where you need it from a trusted partner.


What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 isn’t just one thing, but rather a vast array of technology solutions that enable companies to advance their business in a wide variety of ways. Unify data across the organization connecting people with continuous insights so that every decision, every action moves you closer to your vision. Having a new world of possibilities can be a bit overwhelming.

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